Our performances

You will find here all of Hauvoy’s performances.

Entertainment at medieval banquets

« Then minstrels entertained the public… » is a festive and interactive theatrical show with varied content that we regularly perform at the Haut-Koenigsbourg’s castle and at the Hohlandsbourg’s castle.  

It addresses all audiences and is especially adapted for banquets. We perform with our instruments, but we also address sermons, fables and we play some tricks.

Sometimes we invite some guests on stage to dance with us.

The Hauvoy ensemble playing and singing at a medieval banquet

Living history events

Thanks to our work of quality, we are often invited by historical re-enactment groups driven by historicity. We are the minstrels of lively tableaux that represent a full immersion in the past.

The Hauvoy ensemble playing and singing at a living history event

Animation of historical events

Historical events (especially medieval events) are amongst our favorite playing fields.

We have a great experience in musical animation of medieval events in France or abroad.

members of Hauvoy playing different medieval instruments

School interventions

We propose educational actions towards young people in form of recreational workshops about medieval music. Some of the topics covered are: the place of music in everyday life, the musicians, the musical repertoires, musical notation, medieval instruments, and medieval dances.

children's drawing of 4 members of the Hauvoy ensemble and their instruments

Medieval music concerts

We offer different types of concerts (indoor or outdoor) with or without a sound system. We are particularly keen on concerts that take place in churches, with an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for meditative repertoires and where we are able to play both haut (loud) and bas instruments (for chamber music) without amplifying them.

The Hauvoy ensemble playing various medieval instruments